Want to show your furry babies how much you love and adore them? Adhering to a routine dog grooming schedule would be an excellent place to start! The importance of good grooming cannot be overstated. Grooming will not only make them look good, it can also eliminate ticks and help maintain their overall health and well-being.

While not all dogs love to be groomed, it is reassuring to know they can be trained to love and accept grooming. While a seemingly stressful and daunting task, much of the training needed is easy and straightforward. However, it is crucial to start training them while they are still puppies.

Getting Started


Step 01: Introducing the brush

Brushing is an integral part of your dog’s overall health. Brushing eliminates loose fur, stimulates growth, and distributes natural oils to keep the coat looking healthy. To train your dog to love being brushed, allow them to inspect the brush, comb, or other grooming tools. Give treats and praise your dog for sniffing and ignoring the brush.

Step 02: Touching with the brush

Once your dog is familiar with the brush, touch them gently on their body using the tool. Praise and give treats after.

Step 03: Brushing your dog

Once your dog is used to being brushed, perform gentle stroking motions. Since you are still in the acclimation phase, keep the grooming sessions short. While brushing, give your dog plenty of treats and praise.

Step 04: Adding in other tools

Once your dog is comfortable being brushed, introduce other tools used by dog groomers such as combs, clippers, showerheads, and blow dryers. Acclimate your dog with one item at a time using steps 1 to 3.

Bonus Tip: Dental Care

Step 01: Introducing touch

Teaching your dog to welcome brushing, inspection, and other mouth manipulation is essential for their oral health. Find a neutral and familiar area in your house. Wait for your dog to calm down and relax before touching their muzzle briefly and gently. Give treats and praise after.

Step 02: Lifting the lip

Once your dog gets accustomed to having their muzzle touched, move to lift the lip briefly. Provide treats and praise after releasing the lip to create a strong association with food.

Step 03: Increasing duration

Once your dog welcomes regular lifting of the lip, increase the duration, and hold onto their lip. This time hold the lip up and inspect the teeth. Treat and praise immediately after release.

Step 04: Adding the brush

Repeat steps 1 – 3, this time using a toothbrush instead of your hand or finger. Your dog can become curious about the brush at first. It is essential only to provide treats and praise when they ignore the instrument and not when they lick or chew on it.

Step 05: Let’s get brushing

Once they are familiar with the brush, start brushing their teeth. Make sure you only use gentle scrubbing motion. Don’t forget to treat and praise after.


Getting your dog to love and appreciate grooming is no easy feat. It will require time, effort, and a tremendous amount of patience. Fortunately, the payoffs are massive as it can help warrant you’ll enjoy the company of a healthy and happy dog for many years to come!

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