Why Do Dogs Need Daycare?

Dogs, especially puppies, have a lot of energy that they need to let out. When you go to work or can’t take your dog out to exercise daily, it can hinder their social skills and health.

By dropping your dog off to our daycare, it allows you to have peace of mind knowing your dog is getting the proper exercise and socialization skills to live a healthy life. They not only learn how to interact with other dogs so they can be playful and friendly when going to a dog park, but they also learn how to be around humans. We teach your dog the proper skills so that they are not prone to biting any human.

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Our staff at Canine Preferred knows you’re tired from your work day and may not have the energy to play with your energized dog, that’s why we play with your fur-child all day, so by the time you pick them up they are ready to relax and cuddle with you. It’s a win-win situation!

Don’t keep your dog locked up inside a crate or house all day, let them play and gain social skills with their Canine Preferred family!

Daycare Routine

dog daycare routine

When you drop your dog off at Canine Preferred, they enjoy a day full of socializing, training and all-around fun! Our staff is trained to provide premier care and fun for dogs, as well as help reassure you that your pet is in good hands.

Our staff provides a safe, fun environment that will have your dog feeling like they are at home. When you come to pick up your dog, we will have a report card ready for you to review how your dog did during their stay, as well as some notable cute stuff they did!

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Doggy DayCare Rates

Half Day (less than 5 hours) $17
5 Full Days/ 10 Half Days $150
1 Full Day / 2 Half Days $32
10 Full Days/ 20 Half Days $275
20 Full Days/ 40 Half Days $480


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